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A family of coffee lovers, a team of professionals united by the simple purpose of getting great coffee to everyone who ask for it and driven by the obsession for the perfect cup.

In 2014 we started grinding, pouring and serving in our small shop in the Brussels EU Quarter.  Thank to the support of enthusiastic loyal guests we started to deliver to local businesses tailored coffee solutions and a wide range of services.

Curiosity and willing to continuously learn about coffee led us to a better consciousness when sourcing. We are always engaged to further educate ourself, our collaborators and the consumers we have the pleasure to serve.

Q ARABICA GraderJPG.jpeg

A TRUE Italian café where I find the BEST ESPRESSO and biological coffee beans to bring home. An Italian espresso bar for true coffee connoisseurs. Waiters are young, elegant and friendly. They are so friendly that they don’t kick out the clients who take just a coffee and camp for hours discussing business, chatting or working on computer. 🙏🏻

I am very picky with coffee. In Brussels, it is a great challenge to find good coffee with friendly service. This cafe meets both conditions;) Great coffee, very nice staff with a human approach, which in Brussels is very difficult to find. I don't use absolute statements often, but after 10 years in Brussels I am confident to say that this is the best cafe in the town by far.

Helen S

Helen S., Australia’s deputy ambassador to Belgium and Luxembourg and also deputy head of mission to the EU and NATO, visits Caffelatte up to three times a day.“The primary reason is the coffee is of an excellent quality,” she says as we wait for flat whites. But she loves the atmosphere too. Francesco and Alex, the Italian brothers who run Caffelatte, “switch between French, Italian and English. Watching them work behind the coffee bar is great fun,” Stylianou said, stopping to point out a coffee order on its way to a nearby table. “I don’t know what they’ve ordered, but it’s beautiful.”

Monika S

Delicious Italian coffee in a hearth of EU bubble. Lovely place for a quick break. Espresso with pistachio cream if fantastic !

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