The Italian typicality characterizes this blend.


Composed of natural and washed coffees, the perceptions of toasted, chocolate, caramel and the marked sweetness stand out over every other smell.

DECAFFEINATED coffee ground 250g

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  • PRODUCT: Blend of decaffeinated roasted coffee beans

    WEIGHT: 250 g


    PACKAGING: Aroma protection packaging

    CAFFEINE: 0,10%

    ROASTING: slightly dark


    ORIGIN: Brazil "Sul de Minas", Colombia "Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta", India "Wayanad"Blend from different origins, heights and types of plants.
    Blend from different origins, heights and types of plants

    PROCESS: washed and natural


    NOTES: A coffee without caffeine but with aroma and body typical of the Italian espresso cup. A clean cup with a full and balanced taste.

    Primary hints: toasted, caramel, bread crust, malt syrup, dark chocolate.

    Sensitive sensory nuances:  caramel, toasted almonds, chocolate, walnut, chestnut honey, cereals.