Terroir Best Lot


Cup NotesOrange / Pineapple / Lime / Peach

Suggested for espresso and filter

Gardelli Speciality Coffees - DUWANCHO, LOT 22/02 (ETHIOPIA)

  • PRODUCERS  everal Small Farmers

    COUNTRY  Ethiopia

    TERROIR  Sidama

    ALTITUDE. 2100-2200 masl

    FERMENTATION  Classic Natural

    ARABICA CULTIVAR. Ethiopia Heirlooms

    PICKED IN  Dec 2021 - Jan 2022

    ARRIVED IN  July 2022

    SHIPPED IN  GrainPro bags

    ROAST PROFILE BY  Rubens Gardelli

    ROASTED ON  Customised roaster

  • This coffee is custom roasted upon our request. We get it few days after roasting and it is sold and used in our coffee shop very quickly so it could be unavailable for some days.