Golden Sack is a very fresh coffee, very sweet, with a clean taste, fruity and flowery aroma.

Composed of natural and washed coffees, from them emerge the hints of apricot, ripe cocoa, chocolate, almonds and citrus.


GOLDEN SACK coffee beans 250g

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  • PRODUCT: Blend of roasted coffee beans

    WEIGHT: 250 g

    FORMAT: Espresso, Moka, Filter

    PACKAGING: Aroma protection packaging, with one-way valve. Packaged in a protective atmosphere.

    CAFFEINE: 1,49%

    ROASTING: light

    ORIGIN: Brazil "Sul de Minas", Colombia "Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta", Costa Rica "West Valley", El Salvador "Santa Ana", Ethiopia "Sidamo", Guatemala "Zacapa", Haiti "Nord-Ouest", India "Wayanad", Peru "Pasco".
    Blend from different origins, heights and types of plants

    PROCESS: natural and washed

    NOTES: fresh and delicate, fruity but at the same time chocolaty, very sweet, with a low percentage of caffeine and a sweet and refined aromatic structure.

    Primary hints: toasted bread, red fruits, raisins, dried fruit, brown sugar, caramel, forest honeydew, maple syrup, chocolate

    Sensitive sensory nuances: toasted almonds, caramelized walnut, chestnut honey, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, cereals, jasmine flower, apricot, peach, ripe persimmon.