The aromatic acidity of good washed Arabica prevails on everything. It is a primitive coffee, sweet, delicately rough, with a very fresh aroma and a dark aftertaste.


It's composed of natural and washed coffee; the fruity notes of apricot, avocado and green almonds emerge above all.

ORGANIC coffee ground 250g

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  • PRODUCT: Blend of roasted coffee grinded 

    WEIGHT: 250 g


    PACKAGING: Aroma protection packaging

    CAFFEINE: 1,80%

    ROASTING: light


    ORIGIN: Colombia "Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta", Ethiopia "Sidamo", Guatemala "Chiquimula", India "Wayanad", Mexico "Chiapas", Papua Nuova Guinea, Peru.
    Blend from different origins, heights and types of plants

    Product from organic farming

    PROCESS: washed and natural

    NOTES: A unique coffee, with original and primitive hints with a low percentage of natural caffeine. Fruity and flowery, with a fantastic aromatic acidity well balanced by its sweetness.

    Primary hints: dried fruit, apricot, almond, peach, honey, persimmon, maple syrup, dark chocolate.

    Sensitive sensory nuances: avocado, green almond, chestnut honey, nectarine peach, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, jasmine flower, apricot, apple cocoa, citrus flowers.