• Machine designed to be used with 44 mm diameter pods


• Aluminum heat exchanger with excellent thermal stability for coffee extraction. 
• Power absorption of only 450W with working thermostat of 98 °C. 
• Inlet/outlet 3-way solenoid valve. 
• Vertical group closure to give at the machine more steadiness at group closure. 
• Patented Compensator, located in the lower part of the group which allows an effortless closure at constant pressure over time. 
• No water leaks from the filter: that means no dirt deposits on bottom side (problem that persists in traditional systems). 
• No group adjustment, the compensator at each use adapts itself to the gasket squashing that occurs everytime, with consequent savings on spare parts. 
• Uniform extraction of the coffee due to the stabilization of the working pressure. 
• Easy access to group for maintenance purpose through the top cover, which is fixed by means of only two screws.


  • Ulka pump EP4FM: 20 bar

    Water tank: 2 liters

    Power: 450 watts

    Exchanger: aluminum

    Working thermostat: 98°C

    Safety thermostat: 145°


    The machine is covered by one-year warranty. The guarantee covers all damages except those caused by hard water. To prevent them, we recommend that you change the water filter regularly. In case of failure, the machine has to be sent to our headquarters. The shipment of the machine will be at our expense.

    The whole machine has been designed and it is produced in ITALY!